Welcome to NoVa Valor - Rules

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Welcome to NoVa Valor - Rules

Post by Tygir29 on Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:05 pm

Hello All!

I'm Tygir29, creator of the Nova Valor forums! Use the general discussion to talk about the game in general, and the region areas to discuss taking over, as those areas are members only.

Joining the forum requires admin approval. You must prove you are a Valor pokemon go trainer to join and view the region content discussions. The privacy of this is important!

For now the rules of the forums are going to be pretty lose. As more and more members join, I'll implement rules accordingly. For the time being:

  • No explicit content
  • Treat each other with respect/no flaming or trolling
  • Keep Plans for Valor attacks in region forums

Thanks and much love,


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